About NGEDIT Software

NGEDIT Software is a software development company formed in 2005. It is currently a single-person company: that is, just myself. The goal of NGEDIT Software is to provide software tools that will help developers become more productive at code editing.

With this goal in mind, my first product release back in July 2005 was ViEmu, which allows vi/vim fans to use their favorite text-editing model within Microsoft Visual Studio. I know the vi/vim input model isn't for everyone, but for those that find it more comfortable than standard text editing, being able to use it within their favorite IDE is a big plus.

The second release has been Codekana, a Visual Studio add-in that provides advanced code visualization for C/C++/C# code by employing graphical outlining, innovative techniques such as fully syntax-aware coloring, and a host of other features.

My next planned release is NGEDIT, a new general-purpose text editor. My aim is to make available a text-editor with a unique focus in the mid-term future.

I also try to provide the community at large with information, tips and tricks on development, text editing, and all related areas. The main vehicles for this goal are my development blog, the articles section in this site, and the vi/vim tips section in ViEmu's own site.

I hope you find our information interesting and our products useful. And, please, don't hesitate to contact me for any question or comment.