NGEDIT is a long-term project for a new text editor, currently in development. If you want to know how it advances, you can always check the development blog. You can also register to be notified once NGEDIT 1.0 is released.

I know, I know. I am aware that there are plenty of text editors in the market. One could easily think that there is no need for yet another text editor.

But I don't share that point of view.

I think that text editing can and should be improved. It can become a much more comfortable experience. There is a lot of innovation yet to be done in text editing, and I hope to make NGEDIT a sound first step in that direction.

Currently, I am developing a solid editor core, which lays the foundation where all the advanced features of NGEDIT will be relying. I'm also focusing on the user interface for the editor, which will make it a pleasure to use.

Of course, I cannot provide all the features I'm planning in version 1.0.

I have way too many cool things in mind to wait until all of them are ready!