Version 1.0 of NGEDIT will be a state-of-the-art text editor including, among others, the following features:
  • A line-up of usability-oriented features to make editing the most comfortable experience. Maximize your available screen space and minimize your keystrokes.
  • Support for all common text file formats: all Windows code pages, DBCS, and all common Unicode encodings (UTF-8, UCS-2 BE & LE)
  • Native in-memory editing of all supported formats: no conversion on load and save, and minimum memory usage
  • Optimized large file editing, no more dragging along when working with large files
  • Powerful scripting: object oriented dynamically typed language, compiled to bytecodes for fast execution
  • vi/vim emulation
  • Microsoft Visual Studio integration
Plus all the features you expect from a modern text editor:
  • Multi-file, multi-window editing with a loaded files tab display
  • Single- and multi-file search and replace
  • Regular expression support
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Customizable user interface and editing window colors
  • Full application and per-filetype configuration
  • ...and many more!
There are many other features in the roster even for after 1.0.